HOW TO: Upgrade Windows 7 Home Premium to Professional or Ultimate and WHY


HOW TO:  Upgrade Windows 7 Home Premium to Professional or Ultimate and WHY

The first question you may ask is why. This is a very good question and I hope to explain just a few great features on Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate. I will only cover just a couple of these features and then we will move on to the upgrade process. The best feature to me in these upgraded products is the advanced backup it offers. Windows 7 can now create full system backups to restore from. It also embeds the backup that it takes into the operating system. For example, if you have backup enabled on the desktop you can right click any files and choose Restore previous version. Also, if your system crashes, you can boot up with a restore disk and restore your whole system from the previous backup. This could be great not just for businesses but for home users. Another great feature is the Windows XP Mode. This is installed separately from the Windows 7 operating system but a simple search will show you how to accomplish the installation. This allows a user to start an old program up that you normally would not be able to do in Window 7 due to compatibility issues.

So, how hard is the upgrade? In previous versions of Windows this has been an extremely hard task because you would have to basically reinstall all the applications on the computer as well as back up all your data because it will be lost. Microsoft has come up with this new method and it is called Windows Anytime Upgrade. You can purchase these upgrade certificates at any of the major retailers and simply go online and register your number. It will then ask you to download a small program and will reboot the computer. That’s it. Obviously, you are just unlocking cool new features but the process is so much simpler than before.

Stay Tuned for the next blog on WINDOWS 7 TIPS.

Derek Wilson
Technical Support Consultant
IntelliPoint Technologies, LLC

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