The Paradigm Shift in How We Do Support

Technology is changing the way we do business now more than ever. Fast Internet access from various devices to the abundance of applications allowing us to connect remotely to another computer, just like we were there, have caused a major paradigm shift in the way support is handled.

Software Learning Tips

Many of my implementation users have heard me encourage them to read the application software user manuals, be it ones they have purchased or the ones that come with the software. Even though the software developers no longer supply hard copy user manuals at the time of purchase, various types of documentation are available through a purchase, the help feature as well as online that can be printed.

Emailing Documents within Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010

By Dennis Barry, President for IntelliPoint Technologies

This is a really cool feature within Dynamics GP 2010. It allows users to quickly and easily email single documents, batches of documents and/or multiple documents from within a GP list. The user can select which documents they would like to send and also select which customers/vendors should receive their documents in email.

Making SQL Backups using a Maintenance Plan within SQL

You can have a way to backup all your databases by creating a Maintenance Plan within your Full Version of SQL server. This will save you time and give you another way to make a backup when preparing to do upgrades on your software.

1. Login to SQL, and expand the "Management" folder.

Round 4 Tax Update

Here’s another round for you... Round 4 Tax Update that is. For those of you using the Microsoft DynamicsTM GP Payroll module, you have probably already been through the installation of the Year-end 2010 Payroll update and the Round 2 Tax update and Code update, which was released earlier this year.

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 R2

So, how do you make a great product even better? Those of you who have committed to my ERP product of choice, Dynamics GP, can feel secure in the knowledge that Microsoft is dedicated to making it the best small and medium business ERP system available.