VoIP/Phone Solutions

Staying connected has never been easier

Being completely flexible and scalable, VoIP phone systems are quickly gaining popularity among small businesses looking to enhance both internal and external communication. VoIP/Phone Solutions from IntelliPoint deliver voice communication over the Internet allowing you to save costs while giving you access to enterprise-level telephony features.

Benefits of VoIP/Phone Solutions from IntelliPoint include:

  • Cutting edge features including call routing, call forwarding, video conferencing and presence indicator, amongst many others
  • Fully managed communication solution that grows with your business
  • Free calls and lowered phone bills
  • Boost in accessibility from anywhere with an Internet connection
  • Mobile device extension including tablet or smartphone
  • Enhanced communication within your organization
  • Increased productivity with seamless communication and bandwidth utilization
  • Fast deployment and 24/7 support for your peace of mind

It’s time to leave the traditional phone system behind and say goodbye to expensive phone bills and limited communication capability. Leverage the power of VoIP today and like most of our clients, you’ll wish you made the transition sooner.