Emailing Documents within Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010

By Dennis Barry, President for IntelliPoint Technologies

This is a really cool feature within Dynamics GP 2010. It allows users to quickly and easily email single documents, batches of documents and/or multiple documents from within a GP list. The user can select which documents they would like to send and also select which customers/vendors should receive their documents in email.

Making SQL Backups using a Maintenance Plan within SQL

You can have a way to backup all your databases by creating a Maintenance Plan within your Full Version of SQL server. This will save you time and give you another way to make a backup when preparing to do upgrades on your software.

1. Login to SQL, and expand the "Management" folder.

Round 4 Tax Update

Here’s another round for you... Round 4 Tax Update that is. For those of you using the Microsoft DynamicsTM GP Payroll module, you have probably already been through the installation of the Year-end 2010 Payroll update and the Round 2 Tax update and Code update, which was released earlier this year.