Data Backup Solutions

The safety of your data, the survival of your business

Because a system failure, human error or theft can happen at any time, it is imperative that you have a backup and disaster recovery strategy in place. Think about it for a second, can you meet deadlines or deliver products or services to clients without your critical data? You can with Data Backup solutions from IntelliPoint.

IntelliPoint’s Data Backup solutions keep your data safe and available by:

  • Backing up all your files on an hourly basis to off-site data centers owned by us
  • Encrypting your data to ensure access are only from authorized users
  • Virtualizing your servers, applications and data so they’re available within minutes

Our technicians will evaluate your needs to find a data backup option that is right for your business. With safe backup copies of your IT infrastructure, you’ll never have to worry about losing your data to natural disasters or other unfortunate events again.