Server Support

Functionality for your technology architecture

A server that is working at its optimum is a must if you want fast access to data and fewer issues caused by high levels of server traffic. Server Support from IntelliPoint encompasses customizable server setup and configuration plus support and troubleshooting to make sure you’re able to use all files and applications seamlessly.

Server Support from IntelliPoint helps you:

  • Lower costs - reduce upfront capital expenditures and hosting space costs
  • Increase productivity - with built-in hardware and software that meets your needs
  • Embrace growth - scale your server in alignment with your organization
  • Sleep easier - no more worrying about what would happen if your server went down
  • Enhance security - we’ll ensure your server, data and applications are more secure

IntelliPoint is adept at setting up and configuring servers and offers the ongoing maintenance and support that lets you forget about technology hassles and instead focus on your clients.